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Wrap Around Childcare


Rocks and Pebbles offer After School Care for children who attend Brindishe Green Primary School and Brindishe Lee Primary School. Children are collected at the end of the school day and are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of planned activities. A light snack is offered to all children and a time for sharing news and enabling children to offer ideas on what they would like to do for the rest of the session. Activities are then carried out depending on the outcome of the children's consultations. This is an important part of the session as it teaches children to discuss ideas, compromise and make decisions for themselves. These are empowering skills for children to learn and develop for their future.

At Rocks and Pebbles After School Club we offer a 'Key Worker' scheme for all children under the age of 5 years and any child with Special Educational Needs. The purpose of this scheme is to ensure children are encouraged to make developments in their learning through play in a fun and stimulating manner. Activities are planned through regular observations of the children in our care and what they best need.

Each parent of who has a child involved in the scheme will be given a written termly report on their child's progress which is completed by the child's key worker. These reports work extremely well in creating links with parents/carers.