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Wrap Around Childcare


At Rocks and Pebbles we strive to provide outstanding care and support to our children and families. When opening the company in 2008 we could not of dreamed of the great success and so very many children we have cared for.  

Our first Ofsted inspection in 2009 set the bench mark extremely high with an 'Outstanding'! Since then we have continued to build upon our foundations and want to achieve nothing but the best for the Rocks and Pebbles community.

2015 has seen us being inspected in Rocks @Brindishe and received an amazing inspection report that we are extremely proud of! With Ofsted's ever changing guidelines and bench marks its a job in its self to keep up but our fantastic staff team are ever ready to adapt and implement the needed tasks.  

We would like to thank our fantastic staff team, amazing children and supportive parents and carers who make it all possible.

Please feel free to read our full report by clicking on the relevant link below:

Brindishe Green Report 2020