Wrap Around Childcare

Our Staff

Brindishe Green

Sonya McDonald


(Breakfast Club)

My name is Sonya, I am the manager at breakfast club and the deputy manager at after school club. I find it really enjoyable working in both as I get the opportunity to build a really good relationship with both children and parents. I really enjoy doing baking, making playdough and anything else messy with the children.

Brindishe Green

Wendy Callagher


(After School Club)  

My name is Wendy, before becoming manager at after school club I was deputy manager and have worked here for just over a year. Since joining Rocks and Pebbles team my afternoons have been filled with fun. It's a very rewarding job, we get to know the children really well and look forward to spending time with them.

Myatt Gardens

Lisa Small


Hi I’m Lisa, club manager at Myatt Gardens after school club. One of the most important things about my job is ensuring every child feels happy and safe. I enjoy interacting with the children and working together as a team with staff to make the setting a positive environment for the children. We like to have fun and everyday is different you never know what to expect but my aim is to have a smile on everyone’s face including the parents.